What follows is a listing of low-cost services in the New York City area. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but is intended to give pet owners a sense of the range of resources available to those in need of pet assistance.

Spay/Neuter Services

1. ASPCA Services

ASPCA Mobile Clinic (877) 772-9692: The ASPCA offers free and low-cost spay/neuter services throughout the five boroughs, targeting the most underserved communities via a mobile spay/neuter van. For more information on cost and logistics, check the website:

2. Humane Society of New York, (212) 752-4840

The Humane Society of New York offers low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for cats, dogs, rabbits, and other small animals by appointment:

3. The Center for Avian & Exotic Medicine, (212) 501-8750

The Center offers a monthly low-cost spay/neuter clinic for small mammals. For information on dates and logistics:

4. Toby Project (212) 799-1120

The Toby Project operates a mobile spay/neuter clinic in various locations throughout New York City. For dates and locations:


5. Spay/Neuter Certificate Programs

Low-cost spay/neuter certificates can be used at participating vets—check the websites below for vets in your neighborhood:

 Vaccination Services             

 1. Petsmart:    

  • Manhattan: 632 Broadway (212) 475-0893

  • Manhattan: 517 E 117th St. (212) 534-2590

  • Brooklyn: 238 Atlantic Ave. (718) 852-2519

  • Nassau County: 4 West Circle. (516) 561-2418

  • Staten Island: 1520 Forest Ave. (718) 273- 3874

2. Luv My Pet

3. Humane Society of New York, (212) 752-4842


Low-Cost Medical Care

Humane Society of NY, (212) 752-4842



The following resources exist but they are not necessarily free or low-cost.


Emergency Vet Care (not low-cost)

These animal medical offices are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Costs for emergency care can escalate quickly – see ** information below about a healthcare credit assistance plan

  • Animal Medical Center, 510 E. 62nd Street, (212) 838-8100

  • Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, 424 E. 92nd Street, (212) 876-7700

  • Animal Specialty Center, 9 Odell Plaza, Yonkers, NY, (914) 457-4000

  • Blue Pearl Emergency Services:

  • Manhattan: 410 West 55th Street (212) 767-0099

  • Brooklyn: 32 4th Avenue (718) 596-0099

  • Queens: 107-28 71st Road (718) 263-0099

**Care Credit is a credit card specifically for healthcare treatments for families and their pets. The interest rates with this service can be quite high, but it is an option if a pet requires emergency services that a pet owner might not be able to afford otherwise.


Pet Grooming



In New York City, boarding pets can get expensive quickly. Facilities can cost from $25-$75 per day, based on the species and size. In addition, most businesses require pets to be up-to-date on vaccinations, which can add additional costs. Before exploring boarding for clients, social workers should work to engage family members, friends, or neighbors to foster or pet sit, whenever possible.

Pet Help Partners, (917) 468-2938 offers linkages to low-cost boarding facilities that can be arranged as an alternative to pet relinquishment. There may be a requirement to pre-pay. For more information:

Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance for Pet Owners Regarding NYCHA:

  • Darryl Vernon, Esq. Vernon & Ginsburg (212) 949-7300 ext. 201

  • Legal Action for Animals (718) 544-0605

  • Karen Copeland, Esq. Greenberg & Merola (212) 593-6111

  • MFY Legal Services (212) 417-3700

Surrender Prevention and Pet Food Resources

Pet Help Partners, (917) 468-2938

NY Animal Relief Fund,, (917) 361-3090

Prince Chunk Foundation,, (856) 302-6373

Pets of the Homeless,, (775) 841-7463

Pet Food Stamps,, (845) 875-9545

Pet-friendly Transportation

Most local livery cab companies will allow owners to bring their pets in the car at little or no extra-charge. When booking a car be sure to ask about their requirements.


Most pet taxis are booked in advance and require reservations. Pet parents can expect to pay between $25 – $70 per ride. There may be additional costs associated with the size of the pet.

New/Developing Programs Bridging Human Welfare & Animal Welfare

Domestic Violence Co-sheltering Program

Urban Resource Institute has established a co-sheltering program ensuring safety for victims of domestic violence and their pets. Urban Resource Institute People and Animals Living Safely (URI PALS), Call (888) 279-2211, or go to:

Preventing Cruelty

ASPCA’s Cruelty Intervention Advocacy Program offers non-criminal intervention and education for animal hoarders and others requiring assistance regarding pet care. Call (212) 876-7700, ext. 4490, or go to:

Pet Friendly Rehabilitation Centers

Schervier Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center, Bronx, NY, has established a program allowing pets for patients in the rehabilitation program. Call (718) 548-1700, or go to:

Programs for the Elderly and Others Needing Pet Assistance

These programs have all been developed to help pet owners keep their pets despite illness or physical limitations. Volunteers are matched with seniors in need of pet assistance in their homes.

  • PAWS NY ( addresses dog walking and additional pet care needed by seniors and vulnerable members in the community. Volunteers help out in a number of ways to strengthen the bond between the person and the pet. Referrals can be made by email:

  • Search and Care’s Pet and Elder Empowerment Project ( addresses the needs of Search and Care clients who are pet owners.

  • Sunnyside Community Services matches elderly clients in Queens with volunteers to help with pet care.

  • JASA PETS Project ( addresses the needs of Manhattan-based elderly clients with pets.